Japanese LNG-fueled CC power plant now in operation

The first liquified natural gas-fueled (LNG) power plant owned by Hokkaido Electric Power Co. (HEPCO) has started commercial operation.

The Ishikariwan-Shinko Power Plant Unit 1 is a combined cycle operation featuring a GE 9HA gas turbine and a Toshiba steam turbine. The 569-MW provides electricity across the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

“By combining advanced technology from GE and Toshiba, our Ishikariwan-Shinko Power Plant Unit 1 will be one of the power facilities realizing the global top-class efficiency,” said Takeshi Aotsuka, director of the Ishikariwan-Shinko Thermal Power Station at HEPCO. “We are pleased to be providing highly efficient and reliable electricity to the citizens and businesses of Hokkaido.”

Toshiba and GE first received the project’s orders for their turbines in 2014. The two companies have been working together with HEPCO in Asia since 2012.

“We are proud that GE’s industry-leading gas turbine is now providing efficient and reliable electricity for HEPCO and its customers in Hokkaido,” said Ramesh Singaram, President of GE Power Asia. “The strength of our relationship with Toshiba, combined with the application of both companies’ latest and most advanced technologies, will help power growth and prosperity for the island of Hokkaido for years to come.”

GE’s HA gas turbine fleet has surpassed more than 270,000 operating hours and has secured more than 85 orders from nearly 40 customers across more than 16 countries. Recently, the company announced orders for its HA gas turbine from Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and in North America.


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