Enlit 365 Lifecycle Management series: Testing of new HL-class gas turbines

Duke Energy’s Lincoln Combustion Turbine Station in North Carolina is a key testing facility for Siemens Energy’s largest HL-class gas turbine.

A new episode with Clarion Energy’s Enlit 365 series will include a virtual tour of the Duke Lincoln plant, showing how the engine tests are conducted. The SGT-9000HL gas turbine is designed to push plant performance to the next level and now it will be possible to see just how this is being achieved and how it is performing.

Also featured are insights into the construction of the Keadby 2 power plant in the UK – the largest 1×1 combined cycle power plant worldwide, which will feature the SGT-9000HL gas turbine.

The episode will also focus on Siemens Energy’s Clean Energy Center, where combustion tests on hydrogen, LNG, and other fuels are run. The hydrogen capability is a key prerequisite to drive decarbonization and make the HL-class a future-proof technology.

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Hope you can join in and see next-gen gas-fired turbines and technologies in action.

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