Doosan latest OEM to embrace hydrogen turbine future

South Korea’s Doosan Heavy Industries, which joined the world’s big four group of gas turbine manufacturers in recent years, is also stepping up its plans for hydrogen-fired power.

A global player in project development known fully as Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction, the company has commenced development of hydrogen gas turbines and wants to build up its H2 equipment business. Doosan is targeting 2022 as completing a hydrogen liquefaction plant within its Changwon complex.

That facility would produce “blue hydrogen” for future supply and utilization. Blue hydrogen is low or zero carbon H2 produced using non-renewable resources, while green hydrogen is produced through electrolysis powered by carbon-free renewable resources.

Since May of last year, Doosan has been working on developing a 100% hydrogen-fueled gas turbine combustor for a 5MW hydrogen gas turbine model with its own technology, and has also been partnering with the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM) to develop a hydrogen dual-fuel combustor for a 300-MW hydrogen gas turbine.

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Parent company subsidiary Doosan Mecatec has been involved in the Dangjin Thermal Power Plant Carbon Recycling Project, a state project led by the Ministry of Science and ICT, which culminated in the recent development of the soon-to-be supplied gas separator & feeder.
In addition, in response to growing expectations for expansion of the hydrogen business, Doosan has completed development of a hydrogen storage tank to be used for hydrogen refueling and is preparing for its commercial launch.
Hydrogen demand forecasted to grow from 900 thousand tons in 2030 to 3.6 million tons by 2040
The South Korean government announced its Hydrogen Economy Roadmap, which outlines the goal of acquiring 8GW-scale hydrogen power generation facilities by 2040 and forecasts that the demand for hydrogen will rise from approximately 1.94 million tons in 2030 to 5.26 million tons by 2040. 

Doosan Heavy completed work on developing its own gas turbine earlier this decade. It joins Mitsubishi Power, Siemens Energy, GE and Ansaldo Energia as the world’s utility-scale gas-fired turbine manufacturers.

All of those firms are working on solving the challenges of hydrogen-fired power generation. If successful, H2 power plants could produce carbon-free electricity by 2050, overcoming production and transmission challenges.

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