Doosan Heavy, Korean utility working to develop exportable CCGT plant model

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction took another step forward in its move to compete in the world’s gas-fired turbine market by starting at home.

DHIC and Korean Western Power Co. signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on cooperation for developing the installation of next-generation Korean standard combined cycle power plant projects. The cooperation behind the deal is focused on starting in domestic markets and then venturing overseas.

South Korea-based DHIC announced earlier this year it was deploying the first Korean-made gas turbine for the Gimbo CHP plant in Gyeonggi Province. The 500-MW turbine could eventually complete on a world scale with the traditional Big Four of Siemens, GE, Mitsubishi and Ansaldo.

“With the signing of this MOU, we will be able to produce even more tangible results by combining KOWEPO’s commitment to promoting growth of Korea’s gas turbine industry with Doosan’s efforts to support this,” said Yeonin Jung, COO of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction. “We also aim to contribute to promoting the gas turbine industry by establishing a virtuous system of mutual growth with our partners in Korea.”

Gas-fired power has grown to nearly 40 percent of U.S. electricity generation capacity and is expanding worldwide. Click here to read more!

If successful, DHIC likely could see plenty of business in its own nation first. According to the recently released state-based 9th Basic Plan for Electricity Supply & Demand, 24 of the 30 coal-fired thermal power plants will be converted to natural gas, thus expanding South Korea’s natural gas-fired power capacity from 41.3GW in 2020 to 60.6GW by 2034.”

The company has been developing its own gas turbine since 2013, as part of a government backed project. Final assembly was completed in September 2019.

DHIC is historically an engineering, procurement and construction leader for power plant and energy infrastructure projects globally. It was founded in 1962.

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