Chinese power company awards control system contract to Westinghouse

SHANGHAI, China, Sept. 6, 2000 — Beijing Datang Power Generation Co. Ltd., has awarded Shanghai Westinghouse Control Systems Co. Ltd., the contract for the control system for Tuoketuo Power Plant in Inner Mongolia, China.

The control system is Ovation Control & Information System from Westinghouse Process Control Inc.

Tuoketuo is a new power plant located near Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia. Beijing Datang Power Generation Co. will build the plant over the next several years. The initial contract is for the control system for two coal-fired generating units of 600 MW each to be built over the next two years, with four more generating units of 600 MW each being planned for construction in about four years.

Ovation and competing distributed control systems were evaluated by an expert technology consulting group set up within Beijing Datang Power Generation Co. The group selected the Ovation system because it met the power company’s requirements for the 21st century with its advanced technology and open information management system.

“Beijing Datang is one of the largest independent power producers in China, so we are gratified by the confidence the company has shown in our Ovation control system,” said Ann Pauley, Westinghouse Process Control Inc. president. “As they build to meet market demand, we will work with their technical and operations staffs to provide the benefits of the Ovation technology — a unified, responsive, state-of-the-art system that can grow as their generating capacity grows, and which will help Beijing Datang achieve its goals of assuring reliability of power supply and quality service to its customers.”

The Ovation system uses an open architecture approach that helps to eliminate concerns about technological obsolescence and dependence on proprietary systems. Operating on a high-speed, high-capacity network, Ovation is the first system built completely to open industry standards, using commercially available desktop hardware and allowing easy integration of a customer’s existing IT products and components while maintaining process security. The Tuoketuo Power Plant will use the Ovation system for both boiler and turbine control.

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