McDermott’s CB&I team exploring scaling of liquid H2 energy storage capacity

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Power industry engineering and construction firm McDermott International will research opportunities for expansion of current liquid hydrogen storage capacity limits.

The Houston-based McDermott was awarded a contract to study H2 storage solutions by a unnamed “leading” natural gas producer, according to the release. McDermott’s CB&I Storage Solutions business will lead the study.

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“Industry leaders across the energy spectrum recognize that effective, affordable storage solutions are imperative to achieve a sustainably powered future,” said Samik Mukherjee, McDermott’s Group Senior Vice President for Projects. “Hydrogen, like wind and solar, plays a major role in decarbonization and this study aims to unlock even greater potential in this field.”

CB&I Storage Solutions specializes in field-erected spherical cryogenic hydrogen storage and is currently building the world’s largest liquid hydrogen sphere for NASA.

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“In 1960, we built the first liquid hydrogen sphere with the capacity to store 170 cubic meters. Over the last sixty years, we have expanded that threshold by about 30-fold to 5,000 cubic meters,” said Cesar Canals, Senior Vice President of CB&I Storage Solutions. “And we will continue to advance our technology and apply our expertise to further refine our portfolio of storage solutions to meet our customers’ future demands.”

McDermott also is a member of the Hydrogen Council. The global coalition includes other energy and technology firms such as Umicore, Microsoft, Baker Hughes, Toyota, Air Liquide, Alstom, Aramco, Cummins, EDF, Engie, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, NEL Hydrogen, Snam and Chevron.

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