Eos providing zinc energy storage for California microgrids beginning 4Q

Eos Energy Storage will supply its zinc battery systems for California-based microgrids beginning in this year’s final quarter.

The zinc-based energy storage firm is partnering with Verdant Microgrid. The Calfornia battery capacity will help facilitate utilty-scale solar installations in a state which plans to be zero-carbon by 2045.

“This partnership opens up new applications for Eos, with onsite energy generation and storage taking center stage,” said Balki G. Iyer, Chief Commercial Officer of Eos. “Verdant’s approach to on- and off-grid energy management helps reduce spikes in demand with a smooth, clean, cost efficient, reliable power supply. Good technology is the key to creating these value stories that can open a massive market for project owners and operators looking for storage solutions.”

Energy storage will be part of POWERGEN+ this month, Register here.

The microgrid is a contained system generating power in close proximity to the area it serves. They do not lose as much electricity in transit and usually include a variety of resources, from solar to energy storage and standby emergency generators.

Verdant Partner Robert Babcock said the zinc-based energy storage option provides more fire safety and energy flexibility that the lithium-ion systems currently prevalent in the market.

“We are confident that this first project between Verdant and Eos will demonstrate how expansive and beneficial microgrids can be for commercial clients as they provide resiliency, sustainability and cost savings in one package,” Babcock said. “We look forward to using Eos’ long duration solutions in both our behind-the-meter and utility scale projects in the future.”

Eos Energy Storage is merging with special purpose acquisition company B. Riley Principal Merger Corp. The plan is a business combination which ultimately will result in Eos going public as a listed company.

The combined company will be called Eos Energy Enterprises and list its shares on the Nasdaq.

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