Plant optimization manufacturer gains partner in Siemens

Siemens Energy (NYSE: SI) and Mikro Systems Inc. signed a licensing agreement to improve the performance of natural gas-fired turbines through new airfoil designs.

Under the agreement, Siemens and Mikro Systems will work together to validate and certify Tomo-Lithographic Molding (TOMO) technology for use in commercial production of stationary and moving airfoil components.

TOMO is a manufacturing platform made to enable rapid development and production of high-performance products made from metals, ceramics, polymers and composite material systems. It enables for different airfoil designs with improved cooling characteristics, which leads to improved efficiency and higher operating temperatures.

Mikro plans to apply the technology to a wide range of gas turbines, including integrated gasification combined-cycle and natural gas combined-cycle power plants. TOMO technology is also being used in Siemens’ ARRA-funded project to develop hydrogen turbines for coal-based IGCC power generation to reduce emissions, improve efficiency and allow for carbon capture and storage.

Siemens Energy will establish a field office near Mikro Systems’ Virginia facilities to support the commercialization efforts.

Mikro Systems received a Small Business Innovation Research grant to apply its TOMO technology to gas turbine airfoils.

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