Entergy, Mitsubishi Power partnering on decarbonizing power fleet via hydrogen, energy storage

Editor’s Note: Mitsubishi Power will lead a POWERGEN+ session beginning 1:30 p.m. (ET). The 45-minute “Creating the Hydrogen Future Today” webcast will feature Paul Schultz, direct of power and external energy resources for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power; Janice Lin, CEO of the Green Hydrogen Council; and Mitsubishi’s Michael Ducker, vice president, renewable fuels. Click here to learn more about this POWERGEN+ session and others happening Tuesday and Wednesday. POWERGEN+ is a free service to attendees.

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Entergy Corp. will collaborate with Mitsubishi Power on bringing decarbonization projects to the utility’s businesses in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

A major part of the collaboration will be focused on hydrogen-fueled technologies. Hydrogen does not contain a carbon atom and can be produced via electrolysis fueled by renewable or carbon-free nuclear resources.

 “For two decades, sustainability has been a priority for Entergy,” said Paul Hinnenkamp, Entergy’s Chief Operating Officer and executive vice president. “We have pledged to conduct our business in a manner that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable that will benefit all our stakeholders. New technologies and innovative solutions to the challenges posed by climate change present opportunities for us to significantly decrease carbon emissions from our generation portfolio while maintaining low rates. We are pleased to welcome Mitsubishi Power as a collaborative partner in developing strategies to integrate these new technologies and solutions that support us achieving our environmental and customer commitments.”

Together Entergy and Mitsubishi Power will focus on developing hydrogen-capable gas turbine combined-cycle facilities, green hydrogen production, storage and transportation; creating nuclear-supplied electrolysis facilities with energy storage; and developing utility-scale battery storage systems.

Read more here about hydrogen in the power generation mix

Mitsubishi Power has long been engaged in hydrogen-fueled generation development, as well as storage solutions. This year the company (formerly MHPS until it split from Hitachi) announced announced the sale of its first hydrogen-capable advanced class gas turbines in March for the Intermountain Power Plant, which plans to transition from coal to a mixture of 30 percent hydrogen with natural gas by 2025, ramping to 100 percent green hydrogen fuel by 2045.

Mitsubishi will detail its hydrogen projects at POWERGEN+ next Tuesday!

 Last month the company announced a 200 megawatt lithium-ion battery storage project in Texas, its largest to date. This month Mitsubishi Power announced the world’s first green hydrogen standard packages for power balancing and energy storage.

“In recent years we have supported Entergy on three large power projects that the utility executed on schedule and on budget as part of a multi-year project to modernize the power generation fleet and voluntarily reduce carbon emissions,” Paul Browning, Mitsubishi Power America’s President and CEO, said. “Now, we’re proud to work with Entergy on the next phase of decarbonization. At Mitsubishi Power, our mission is to provide power generation and storage solutions to our customers that enable them to affordably and reliably combat climate change and advance human prosperity. We look forward to extending our long-term collaboration with Entergy.”

Paul Browning will be keynote speaker in next week’s POWERGEN+ series!

Entergy’s generation fleet in includes 8,000 MW of carbon-free nuclear power. The utility delivers electricity to 2.9 million utility customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

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The virtual POWERGEN+ series begins online next Tuesday and Wednesday. It will feature content on hydrogen, O&M, combined cycle gas turbine technologies, microgrids and the resiliency of on-site power. Presenters will include Mitsubishi Power, Georgia Power, Cooperative Energy, Wartsila, Siemens, UBC Millwrights, Black & Veatch, Vistra Energy and Grand River Dam Authority. Register here to attend any or all of the free sessions.

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