Dry cooling system headed to coal fired power plants in China

SPX Corp (NYSE: SPW) said it’s joint venture with Shanghai Electric Group Co. Ltd. received $80 million in new orders for dry cooling systems for four power plants in China.

The new orders include air cooled condensers (ACC) islands to the Hami and Tianshan power plants, as well as an indirect dry cooling tower (IDCT) with multi-channel tubes to the Guojin power plant, including two, 164 Mega-Delta units in one tower.

Another order is for an indirect natural draft cooling system to the Junzheng Wuhai coal-fired power plant, which consists of one natural draft dry cooling tower equipped with heat exchange bundles using aluminum round-finned tubes.. SPX will manufacture the core elements for the cooling towers.

The Hami plant is a 2×660 MW coal-fired power plant and the Tianshan plant is a 2×350 MW coal-fired power plant. Both are expected to be operational in late 2014.

The Guojin plant is a 2×350 MW plant that is expected to be operational by 2Q 2015.

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