DOE funds Midwest carbon sequestration partnership

3 November 2008 — The U.S. Department of Energy awarded $61 million to fund the third phase of the Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (MRCSP). The venture will attempt to determine if large amounts of carbon dioxide can be safely stored underground. The project intends to inject around one million tons of carbon dioxide over a four-year period.

The Phase III project intends to demonstrate permanent storage of carbon dioxide in deep geologic formations on a scale larger than field validation tests currently underway across the region.

The partnership is one of seven in the DOE’s Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships (RCSP), which is trying to reduce emissions, continue the use of fossil fuels and further develop carbon sequestration. The partnership includes more than 35 members from eight states. In addition to DOE funding, MRCSP members will contribute nearly $32 million for the Phase III project, bringing the total value to just under $93 million. The new research will be implemented over 10 years and builds on two earlier phases that started in 2003.

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