Biomasse Int’l announces milestone in its business development

MONTREAL, April 9, 2002 — Biomasse International Inc. announced the signing of a letter of intent to enter into a contract to sell steam to J. Ford Inc., a Quebec-based pulp and paper producer. In addition, the LOI was accompanied by a specific work order for services towards the implementation of the eventual contract.

The LOI calls for entering into a contract for the purchase by J.Ford of $5.0 million of steam generated from the combustion of natural gas through Biomasse’s process.

Benoit Dufrense, the President of the company emphasized, “The importance of this LOI, and the accompanying work order, is that it represents a major concrete step in moving our company from the development stage to revenue producing. While the eventual contract is small in dollar value, when compared to the various others contracts currently under negotiation with several other pulp and paper mills, it shows the acceptance of our concepts and methodologies by the industry.”

Biomasse International Inc., established in early 1999, has its major business goal to provide the pulp and paper industry with the most practical and efficient methods that give enhanced value to the various waste sludge and other solid residues generated by their wastewater treatment systems.

The company has acquired and improved a Waste-to-Energy Process that is capable of processing pulp and paper mills waste sludge and wood residues in an effective and environmentally friendly manner. This innovative process integrates state- of-the-art technologies that combine fuel conditioning, efficient combustion, steam generation and flue gas treatment.

The steam thus generated is used to produce heat and/or electrical energy and is sold at a price very competitive with the price of steam produced by burning fossil fuels in paper mills. Additionally, the mills realize substantial savings from the fact that waste removal is no longer required. Current removal and burial costs for paper mills’ waste sludge vary from $5 to $40.

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