Allegheny Energy Supply constructs wetlands at Hatfield’s Ferry power station

GREENSBURG, Pa., April 16, 2001 — Allegheny Energy Supply, the unregulated generating subsidiary of Allegheny Energy, Inc., has constructed a passive wastewater treatment system servicing a portion of its property at its Hatfield’s Ferry Power Station in Greene County, Pa.

The system was constructed to meet water quality standards imposed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) by controlling the leaching of dissolved iron, manganese, and aluminum from an active coal combustion product (CCP) landfill facility near the station.

“Construction of the project is complete, and we began directing water to the area in February,” said Thomas Z. Seighman, Regional Director, Hatfield’s Ferry/Mitchell/Lake Lynn Region. “As spring unfolds, the vegetation will be taking off, and the project will be fully functional.”

To aid in the design of passive wetland systems, a set of guidelines known as Phased Element Removal Technology (PERT™) was developed. In accordance with these guidelines, multiple, sequential treatments to target specific elements in the discharge water were employed in the design and development of the Hatfield’s Ferry project.

Allegheny estimates that once the technology is fully implemented at the site, the system will remove, on average, 90 percent of both the iron and the manganese, and 75 percent of the aluminum from the wastewater, along with significantly reducing the presence of other trace metals.

“Allegheny Energy has found that constructed passive wetland treatment systems are an efficient and environmentally sound method of treating industrial wastewater,” said Robert H. Collins, Coordinator, Coal Combustion Byproducts and Ash Management, Allegheny Energy Supply. “These systems are also very cost-effective. While no water management facility is totally maintenance free, passive systems require only minor operator involvement, weekly inspections, no mechanical maintenance (except for pumping stations, if necessary), and no consumption of chemicals.”

The wetland project at Hatfield’s Ferry is the third such development for Allegheny Energy. The first project was constructed near Allegheny’s Albright Power Station, located in Albright, W.Va., in 1988. The second wetland project was Allegheny’s award winning Springdale Wetland System, which was completed in 1995. Located near the former Springdale Power Station, this system received the Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence in 1997 and the Industrial Excellence Award from the Pennsylvania Water Environment Association in 1996.

“Passive wastewater treatment has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective alternative to chemical treatment for the Albright and Springdale sites,” said Seighman. “Allegheny expects similar results at its Hatfield’s Ferry facility.”

Allegheny Energy Supply operates and markets competitive retail and wholesale generation in markets throughout the United States and operates regulated generation for its affiliates. With its recently announced acquisitions and expansion plans, Allegheny Energy Supply will have ownership or control of generating capacity of more than 14,000 MW, with assets strategically located throughout the United States. For more information about Allegheny Energy Supply, visit our web site at

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