FirstEnergy to install new emission control technology

23 September 2005 – FirstEnergy plans to install a new emission reduction system design on the 215 MW Unit 4 of its Bay Shore power plant in Oregon, Ohio, US.

Developed by Powerspan, the Electro Catalytic Oxidation (ECO) system is a multipollutant control technology designed for power plants that generate energy from coal.

The technology is currently undergoing a demonstration phase at FirstEnergy’s R.E Burger plant, and is expected to do so through 2006. However, after encouraging results, FirstEnergy will install the technology at its Bay Shore plant from the start of 2006 at a cost of $100m.

Results from the tests at Burger found that ECO exceeded removal goals for nitrogen oxide, removed 98 per cent of sulphur dioxide along with more than 80 per cent of mercury. It also removed more than 95 per cent of acid gases, metals and fine particulates.

Richard Grigg, executive vice president and chief operating officer at FirstEnergy, said: “We believe that ECO represents the future of multipollutant control technology and provides an effective method for meeting the next generation of environmental regulations, including the Clean Air Interstate Rule.”

The $100m cost of the project also includes the creation of a fertilizing processing plant to benefit from the ECO process, which produces the highly saleable ammonium sulphate fertilizer.

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