The Future of Pumped Storage, the Ultimate Integrator

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Pumped storage hydropower makes up the vast majority of all installed grid-scale energy storage capacity worldwide. Join us for this webcast where representatives of companies that own, support or are developing pumped storage plants globally will provide their perspectives on this important topic – and its future.

EPC Best Practices during Covid-19 and Beyond

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Contractors and their utility partners must deal with the cybersecurity challenges, considering the remote nature of planning work in this new era. Beyond COVID-19, EPCs and utilities are navigating new paths and new types of generation projects.

Managing Your Workforce During a Pandemic

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In this webcast, electric utility executives will talk about the challenges of ensuring the health of their essential workers while also keeping their operations running smoothly. They will discuss what has worked, as well as what adjustments were necessary.

DOE adds $47M funding for scaling next-gen energy technologies

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced an additional $47 million in funding for seven projects as part of the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy’s...

Southern Co. details sustainable financing framework for renewable, education and workforce investments

Georgia-based utility giant Southern Co. has published a sustainable financing framework which guides it toward clean energy and social project investment. Southern published the framework...

LGE/KU seeking 300-900 MW of electricity to replace retiring coal-fired units

Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities have pulled a request for proposal seeking up to 900 MW in generation capacity to replace output...

Wood Mac: Oil rally, renewables top predictions for 2021

Wood Mackenzie analysts on what we should expect in energy in the coming year, from oil markets to solar costs and coal exports to...

Evergy wind power production tops 75 million MWh

Kansas-Missouri utility Evergy achieved a milestone in wind energy generation late last month. The Kansas City, Mo.-based Evergy announced that its wind farms had topped...

Mitsubishi supplying pair of M501JAC gas turbines for Capital Power repowering, coal conversion project

A Canadian utility has ordered two Mitsubishi Power natural gas-fired turbines to repower its combined cycle plants in Alberta. Capital Power will use the two...

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