Pentadyne selected to provide a flywheel power system for NASA

Chatsworth, Calif., Nov. 5, 2003 — The new Pentadyne Voltage Support Solution™ flywheel power system has been selected by Call Henry, Inc. to provide voltage support and backup power for the flywheel technology research lab at the NASA Glenn Research Center.

The Pentadyne system will be integrated with a 50 kVA (100 Amp, 3-phase 120/208 output) uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to serve the research lab requirements. This effort, sponsored by the NASA Environmental Management Office, will evaluate the capability of flywheel-based UPS systems to provide a cleaner, safer, long life, lower cost alternative to the lead acid batteries currently in use at NASA.

“We are very pleased to be selected by NASA and are looking forward to providing our solution to meet the Glenn Research Center’s power quality and reliability needs.” said Paul Craig, CEO of Pentadyne.

Pentadyne’s flywheel system provides a stable, reliable, low maintenance, extended-life DC voltage source to either replace or supplement batteries in UPS systems. The VSS 120 can completely eliminate the need for UPS batteries in many applications by providing sufficient ride-through for an orderly system shutdown or until a standby engine-generator can come on-line.

To help protect batteries, the Model VSS 120 minimizes battery discharge “whiplash” effects commonly experienced with each use, thus improving battery reliability and preserving battery capacity for occasions that demand a longer back-up time. The Model VSS 120 delivers 2,400 kilowatt-seconds of energy, sufficient to support loads ranging from 120 kW for 20 seconds to 10 kVA for about 5 minutes.

About Pentadyne

Pentadyne designs, manufactures and markets advanced flywheel power systems that provide high quality, reliable power for power quality sensitive customers, urban rail power recycling, and urban transportation.

Whether integrated into other products or used alone, Pentadyne’s flywheel systems provide an economic, long lasting, low maintenance, lightweight and environmentally sound power solution for a range of applications.

Pentadyne is backed by venture capital groups and industry players including Nth Power, DTE Energy, MVV Innovations, Sempra Energy, Electricité de France and Ben Rosen (co-founder of Sevin Rosen and Chairman emeritus of Compaq Computer). For more information, please visit or contact the representatives below.

About NASA Glenn Research Center

The NASA John H. Glenn Research Center located in Cleveland, Ohio is one of NASA’s 10 field centers, empowered with the resources for developing cutting-edge technologies and advancing scientific research that strives to understand and protect our home planet, to explore the universe and search for life and to inspire the next generation of explorers…as only NASA can. Founded in 1941 as part of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, today the Center is responsible for developing and transferring critical technologies that address national priorities in aeropropulsion and space applications. Working in partnership with government, industry and academia, NASA Glenn serves to maintain the U.S. economy’s global leadership while benefiting the lives of people. NASA Glenn’s Quality and Environmental Management Systems are registered under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

About Call Henry, Inc.

Call Henry, Inc. (CHI) specializes in performing a broad range of technical service for both government and industry. The areas of specialty include: aerospace test facilities operations and maintenance; operating and maintaining large facilities, systems and equipment complexes; providing technical and management consulting services; and offering a proprietary automated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system on a turnkey basis. The CHI corporate management team has more than 30 years experience in operating and maintaining aerospace test facilities including assignments on such well-known aerospace programs as Minutemen, Saturn, and Shuttle.

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