The Future of Pumped Storage, the Ultimate Integrator

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Pumped storage hydropower makes up the vast majority of all installed grid-scale energy storage capacity worldwide. Join us for this webcast where representatives of companies that own, support or are developing pumped storage plants globally will provide their perspectives on this important topic – and its future.

EPC Best Practices during Covid-19 and Beyond

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Contractors and their utility partners must deal with the cybersecurity challenges, considering the remote nature of planning work in this new era. Beyond COVID-19, EPCs and utilities are navigating new paths and new types of generation projects.

Managing Your Workforce During a Pandemic

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In this webcast, electric utility executives will talk about the challenges of ensuring the health of their essential workers while also keeping their operations running smoothly. They will discuss what has worked, as well as what adjustments were necessary.

Global carbon capture and storage pipeline grows by 10 large-scale facilities

The Global CCS Institute, an international think tank, has added 10 carbon capture and storage (CCS) facilities to its global database. This brings the...

Coal-fired O&M: A novel, non-biological process for selenium removal

Selenium is a naturally occurring element that, in power plant coal combustion, is released typically in two species, selenite (SeO3) and selenate (SeO4).  These...

TVA may move closed Allen Fossil coal ash to permitted landfills

The Tennessee Valley Authority has found potential homes for ash stored at a former coal-fired power plant it closed two years ago. Coal ash stored at the former...

MHPS gains 12-year maintenance deal at coal-fired BLCP Power Station in Thailand

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems will continue to handle long-term maintenance duties for another 12 years at a Thai coal-fired power station it originally helped...

Nine key catalyst recommendations for coal-fired plants during spring outages

Power plant spring outage season is almost upon us, and that includes the global fleet of coal-fired power plants and their emissions reduction components. CORMETECH,...

Carolina judge approves Duke Energy plan for coal ash removal and basin closures

A North Carolina judge has approved an agreement for Duke Energy to close all of its remaining power plant coal ash basins in the state. Superior Court...

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