Little Survey To Boost DG

Arthur D. Little is conducting a comprehensive study of distributed generation (DG) sponsored by a group of equipment suppliers, including gas turbine, reciprocating engine, microturbine, switchgear and controls manufacturers. The study is intended to provide fact-based information to regulators, legislators and policymakers to allow them to reach informed decisions on DG.

A team of technology, energy industry and product commercialization experts from Little will provide study participants with an objective analysis of the technical and business implications of DG. The study will provide a forum for equipment manufacturers to work together to exchange information and ideas.

Little is also facilitating open discussion between study participants through conference and a web site with an on-line discussion forum. “Little is providing an opportunity for us to take off our competitive hats for a short while and truly share what we think. If we can work together on this, we can all win,” said Larry Tangel, Enercon Engineering Inc. marketing manager.

More information on the study is available at (617) 498-6434.

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