GE’s latest F turbine technology enters test phase

13 September 2005 – The first project in the world to feature GE Energy’s Frame 9FB gas turbine technology has entered its test phase and is expected to be in commercial operation by the end of 2005.

The 800 MW natural gas fired power plant that features the new technology is located in the Spanish province of Cádiz and is owned by Spanish energy producer Iberdrola Generacion S.A.

GE supplied a 209FB combined cycle system for the Group III project at the Arcos de la Frontera plant, consisting of two 9FB gas turbines, one D11 steam turbine, three 330H generators and two heat recovery steam generators.

The Frame 9FB is one of the world’s most advanced air-cooled 50 Hz gas turbines and represents the latest step for GE’s F technology.

Using natural gas, the system is rated at 58 per cent efficiency and will help Iberdrola meet its target of adding 1700 MW of generation capacity in Spain this year.

The system will also limit NOx emissions to 25 parts per million or less while not emitting any SO2.

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