FLGR May Offer Low Cost NOx Cuts

FLGR May Offer Low Cost NOx Cuts

The Gas Research Institute`s Power Generation Business Unit reports seeing some promising results for the electric generation industry with a new technology called fuel-lean gas reburning (FLGR), formerly known as controlled gas injection. The technology is being developed and tested by Energy Systems Associates (ESA), with GRI and member company support.

FLGR is predicted to achieve a moderate NOx reduction of 30 to 45 percent with low natural gas consumption. The process could be an answer for cleaner plants that are facing compliance hurdles. Installed cost of equipment could be as low as $5/kW on a 300 MW unit, according to GRID magazine.

Commonwealth Edison`s Joliet Station has documented NOx reduction up to 43 percent while maintaining acceptable CO levels using 7 percent natural gas heat input using FLGR on the 340 MW cyclone boiler in Unit 6.

“These and our test results on a boiler at Duquesne Light Co.`s Elrama Station are encouraging, confirming for us the feasibility of fuel-lean reburning and helping us refine engineering designs,” said John Pratapas, GRI Principal Technology Development manager.

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