Coal-fired unit powers through world record run

Tennessee Valley Authority’s Paradise coal-fired power plant in Kentucky set a world record for the longest continuous run for its type.

Paradise Unit 2 beat out Unit 1’s world record for the longest continuous run for a sub-critical, cyclone-fired boiler at 255 days, eight hours and 50 minutes on Jan. 12. The run started May 1, 2012. During the run, Unit 2 generated 3,951,180 MW of power.

Unit 1 had held the record since 1993.

“This level of performance cannot be achieved without the proper oversight and critical decisions from our corporate partners, as well as site employees,” says Billy Sabin, Paradise assistant plant manager. “Countless hours making sure these units stay online means fixing the right things, prioritizing the right work and attention to detail when it comes to planning.”

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