Centrax acquires Turbomeca’s RR 501 genset maintenance business

7 September 2005 – Centrax Gas Turbines has recently signed an agreement with French packager, Turbomeca to take over maintenance of their Rolls Royce 501 class generator set business.

Turbomeca have recently re-evaluated their direction and have decided to focus the industrial side of their business on their own engines. As a result they have made a decision to cease marketing the RR 501 engine.

Critical to Turbomeca was choosing a company who can continue to offer excellent support to their generator set customers. On selecting Centrax to take over the maintenance of their packages, Mr. Didier Blauwart, Vice President Land and Marine at Turbomeca commented, “Turbomeca selected Centrax because their exceptional knowledge of the 501 and their European infrastructure meant they could take over existing contracts and would be acceptable to our customers. Centrax is also a good choice in that it is industrially and financially stable”.

In anticipation of signing the agreement, Centrax and Turbomeca have been working together through the summer to provide essential maintenance work to ensure that customers have their equipment ready for this coming winter’s heating season. Centrax has also situated a Senior Controls Engineer, Mark Hutchings, at the new depot in Orleans. Mark will be taking a leading role in ensuring a smooth transition of the Turbomeca units. In addition, Centrax engineers and technicians have already received intensive training at Turbomeca.

Director of Centrax Gas Turbines, Guy West, who has led the acquisition welcomed the new customers and said, “We are delighted to have been chosen by Turbomeca to take on the service of their customers and it is a privilege for us to do so. Support of our customers is our main priority and one which we take very seriously. We look forward to welcoming Turbomeca customers and being able to provide support to them in the future.”

Centrax’s mature customer support infrastructure and huge experience in providing support to the Rolls Royce package was a key factor in their selection. Centrax’ quality of service was recognised last year with a Frost & Sullivan award for Customer Service Leadership. It voted Centrax as the leading provider of customer service in Europe.

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