AEP seeking close to 11 million tons of coal RFPs by 2022

American Electric Power has issued a request for proposal for coal supply to its generating stations in multiple coal regions.

The Columbus, Ohio-based AEP is seeking proposals for several coal types and delivery periods all the way through 2022. Coal currently fuels about 47 percent of the company’s electric generation capacity.

The request’s first stage seeks about 350,000 ton s of Central Appalachian Basion coal and t3.3 million tons of Powder River basin coal by the first quarter of 2020. Overall, AEP wants close to 11 million tons of coal from the Central Appalachian, Powder River, Illinois and Northern Appalachian mining areas.

Coal producers have until September 4 to send their proposals packages to the utility.

Coal was 70 percent of AEP’s generation mix in 2005, but the company has steadily decreased that portion in favor of gas-fired and renewable operations. The utility hopes to lessen that to 33 percent, about even with its anticipated renewable energy mix of wind, solar, hydro and pumped storage.


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