Waste Management

Waste Management’s (WM) commitment to the electric utility industry is both straightforward and comprehensive.  Our services include operational support, marketing expertise, ash beneficiation technologies, and onsite/offsite disposal management.
Our approach starts by understanding the unique business philosophies of our customers and delivering services that support those needs.  In most cases, these customized services are based upon customers’ specific operational requirements.  We offer unsurpassed financial strength and technical resources to deliver these services at the most competitive cost, with the least risk to our utility clients.
One example of the services we offer relates to the emerging air pollution regulation involving mercury.   Many utilities rely on powdered activated carbon (PAC) to absorb mercury, which eventually arrives downstream in the fly ash. Typically, PAC-tainted fly ash is no longer marketable. To address this issue, WM developed a unique and inexpensive process to recapture the associated economic benefit of fly ash, avoiding costly disposal.  This process trademarked as Carbon BlockerTM and it is one of several technical solutions we offer our clients.

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