Vooner FloGard® Corporation

As a manufacturer of liquid ring vacuum pumps for over 29 years, Vooner FloGard® Corporation knows the importance of maintaining peak condenser performance. As such, Vooner has developed a comprehensive testing and troubleshooting service for your plants condenser exhauster systems, including the problem prone vacuum pump/air ejector hybrid systems installed in the 1970’s.

Our highly cost effective test procedure is simple, straight-forward and will provide performance data for both the “Hogging” and “Holding” vacuum ranges of the condenser exhauster. The test report presents power plant operations and maintenance with specific data on condenser exhauster system performance and its capacity to handle condenser air leakage. Vooner can also performance test fly ash conveying vacuum pumps as well. Stop by Booth #1124 to learn how Vooner can help resolve your condenser exhauster and fly ash conveying performance issues.