FLEXIM is a known technological leader in its industry of ultrasonic flow meters. Utilizing the clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement system known as FLUXUS, it will measure anything that flows: liquids and gases.
The clamp-on ultrasonic transducers are attached on the outside of the pipe to ensure nothing comes in contact with the liquid and the pipe never gets interrupted. Taking it a step further FLEXIM’s products not only meet the highest requirements of industrial production, but are also the highest in safety and the environment.  FLEXIM’s products not only set standards but exceed those standards in reliability and accuracy, making it one of the most desirable ultrasonic flow meters in the industry.

FLEXIM is dedicated to providing its customers with the best product on the market today. Part of this is offering technical support for the installation of our products. This would include: on-site measurements, flow surveys, flow meter calibration, laboratory analysis, project handling, training, commissioning and consulting.

Today FLEXIM as a whole has grown to having a strong international presence with 19 subsidiaries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia as well as an all-inclusive network of sales partners.