The public favors electric utility deregulation only if competition doesn`t boost individual rates or benefit business uses at the expense of residential users, according to an independent national public opinion survey undertaken by Cambridge Energy Research Associates and Opinion Dynamics Corp. A report on the survey, U.S. Public Opinion and the Electric Power Industry: Challenges of Competition, states the public appears "fairly satisfied" with established utility companies but consumers woul

Waste wood goes into landfills in many parts of the United States; a loss of a potentially valuable energy source. However, Savannah Electric reports successful completion of basic research into methods for using discarded wood as boiler fuel. Aided by a consulting firm, Fiber Fuel International, Savannah`s staff mixed pulverized wood and coal and fired it in a boiler at the company`s Plant Kraft. An initial three-day test burn, conducted more than a year ago, consumed 5,500 pulverized, nonreusa

Rolls-Royce Industrial & Marine Gas Turbines? industrial RB211 is the world?s first aero derivative dry low-emissions engine to enter service. The engine entered operation at Pacific Gas Transmission Co.?s (PGT) natural gas pumping station near Spokane, Wash.

Integrated high-concentration photovoltaics (IHCPV) have achieved a solar conversion efficiency greater than 20 percent in a 2,000-W testbed array installed at Georgia Power Co.?s Shenandoah Environment & Education Center, near Atlanta, Ga. This potentially low-cost solar technology established a new world record for commercial-scale electrical energy conversion from sunlight.
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Competition in electric power production and delivery has caused profound changes in the way we view our industry. A speaker from the Edison Electric Institute observed at a recent meeting that competition has pulled the rug out from under integrated resource planning. Cost-driven, cut-throat competitors are going to have little regard for some central planner?s notion of what kind of new capacity should be built. If central planners remain in control, then there will not be the kind of open ent