Small fluid leaks (i.gif., liquid, gas or two-phase mixtures) conceivably can go unnoticed in a power plant and, eventually, some effluent might find its way into the environment. Any resulting violation of pollution control rules or other regulations could be costly.

Charged with enhancing the use of U.S. fossil energy resources, the Morgantown Energy Technology Center (METC) is a federal Department of Energy research center that performs its own research and also manages the work of contractors.

In the early 1980s, Virginia Power`s Possum Point power station experienced recurring leaks problems in the valve on its No. 3 sootblower unit. The leaks were costly to repair, for parts, labor and downtime, and were gradually eating away at the valve`s internal parts. Over time, both the internal parts and the valve body had to be replaced.

Rolls-Royce Industrial & Marine Gas Turbines? industrial RB211 is the world?s first aero derivative dry low-emissions engine to enter service. The engine entered operation at Pacific Gas Transmission Co.?s (PGT) natural gas pumping station near Spokane, Wash.

A single broken or disconnected fan blade can induce vibration that renders a fan useless. While power plant fan repair and replacement costs can rise as high as $500,000, the cost is small compared to lost revenue from a long unscheduled outage to complete the job. It is not surprising then that non-destructive testing (NDT) is essential in detecting system component trouble. New-generation test materials and highly experienced service specialists are substantially improving inspection effectiv