Three Wind Turbine Manufacturers Provide 76 Percent of U.S. Wind Energy


By Editors of Power Engineering

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has reported just three manufacturers of wind turbines are responsible for the vast majority of wind power generation in the U.S.

These three companies are GE, Vestas and Siemens. Together, they account for 55 GW of wind generation, or 76 percent of installed wind generating capacity in the U.S.

The three companies provided an even bigger proportion of wind energy installed in 2015, as they represented 92 percent of the 8.2 GW capacity.

Gamesa and Mitsubishi accounted for a six percent and five percent share of total U.S. wind capacity, though neither of them held a significant amount of new capacity installed in 2015.

Acciona and Nordex held the fourth and fifth-place for wind capacity installed in 2015 at six percent and two percent respectively.

GE has been the dominant wind turbine manufacturer since it purchased Enron’s wind business in 2002. 

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