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RINA, Snam collaborating on hydrogen-fueled industrial uses

Energy infrastructure company Snam and certification and consulting firm RINA will collaborate on developing uses for hydrogen in industrial power applications.

Italy’s Snam and RINA signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to examine the potential of hydrogen as a tool in industrial decarbonization. The two companies have formed a joint working group to study and test the compatibility of industrial burners and other infrastructure in operation with hydrogen.

Experiments, analysis and technology scouting will focus on hydrogen production, storage and distribution.

The agreement was signed by Snam CEO Marco Alverà and RINA CEO Ugo Salerno.

“This agreement will combine the skills of Snam and RINA to accelerate the introduction of hydrogen as a new clean energy carrier and give further impetus to create an Italian hydrogen value chain,” Alverà said in a statement. “The use of green hydrogen in existing infrastructure will play a key role in enabling the energy transition and achieving climate objectives, whilst also creating new opportunities for economic development, which are now more important than ever. Italy and its companies have the opportunity to pioneer this approach at an international level.”

Hydrogen, which is carbon free, is created through several industrial processes, including electrolysis where water is separated into its oxygen and hydrogen parts. Electrolysis is an energy-intensive process but many proponents say those facilities can be powered by nearby or excess wind and solar energy on the grid.

“We are delighted to contribute our research and certification skills on hydrogen-compatible materials and our expertise in the field of analysis, studies and tests for storage to this partnership,” Salerno said. “This agreement demonstrates Snam and RINA’s joint commitment to the common goal of curbing global warming.”

Many power generation manufacturers are working on technologies to mix hydrogen into their natural gas-fired turbines. Ansaldo Energia, MAN Energy Solutions, Siemens, GE, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems and Caterpillar are among those developing hydrogen-fueled solutions.