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Southern Gas investing $2.5 million toward multi-state coronavirus relief effort

Southern Company Gas Foundation, Southern Co. Gas and its subsidiaries are donating $2.5 million toward the coronavirus relief efforts in seven states.

The money will support efforts in California, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. The organizations which will receive support from Southern include Meals on Wheels, American Red Cross, Salvation Army and United Way, among others.

Much of the support effort will take place in Southern Co.’s native Georgia. Subsidiary Atlanta Gas Light is working with the Georgia Public Service Commission and Georgia Watch on the utility’s plan to allocate $1 million toward supplemental low-income energy assistance, particularly for the elderly.

“These are unprecedented times, and it’s more important than ever for us to engage with those who know our communities’ needs best,” said Kim Greene, chairman, president and CEO of Southern Company Gas. “Whether it’s supporting health care providers and first responders or agencies focused on helping businesses and their employees get back on their feet, we are committed to providing resources where they are needed most.”

Southern’s contributions follow those of numerous other utilities nationwide, including Pacific Gas & Electric and Exelon Corp., which also are making million-dollar contributions to coronavirus relief efforts.