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Belarussian 700-MW peaker plant will feature six Siemens SGT-800s

Siemens will supply six industrial natural gas-fired turbines for a peak load power plant in Belarus.

The Belarussian order by state-run utility RUE Minskenergo calls for SGT-800 gas turbines. They are the same type of machines that German-based Siemens recently provided for the Vitebsk region. Commissioning is scheduled for December 2021.

“Once again, we chose to go with Siemens machines, since they offer excellent performance and can be brought to full load in a very short period of time,” said Aleh Shchemel, General Director of Minskenergo. “This makes these turbines an outstanding choice for increasing grid stability and supply security in Belarus.”
The six gas turbines will be deployed in a new gas power plant in Minsk, which will ensure grid stability and reliable power supply in the Republic of Belarus. The 700-MW plant capacity is designed for 700 operating hours and 350 cold starts per year, will be 300 MW. This capacity can be made available in as little as 15 minutes after a cold start.
“With this new order, we are not only supplying cutting-edge and future-viable technology to Belarus,” said Olaf Kreyenberg, head of Power Generation Europe and CIS at Siemens Gas and Power. “We are also helping the country advance its decarbonization efforts. The intelligent combination of efficient and flexible gas turbines with wind and solar power plants makes it possible to cut significant quantities of greenhouse emissions.”
Siemens’ complete scope of supply includes the six SGT-800 gas turbines (pictured) as well as associated generators and the control system PCS 7. It also includes the gas receiving station as well as high- medium-, and -low-voltage equipment.

Nuclear power dominates the Belarussian power generation mix, and the nation depends heavily on import for fossil fuel energy. Earlier this year, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the U.S. could supply Belarus with 100 percent of its oil and gas needs via liquefied natural gas and crude oil export.

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