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POWERGEN 2020: Call for abstracts is coming soon

Photo by Adam Mason

The days crawl by but the years they fly, goes a saying which gains ever increasing authority as I get older.

In our professional lives, the planning takes forever and the action happens instantly. It’s one, it’s over and we begin again. Such is the pace of change all around us. We create something, we send it out and then, well what happens next?

Hard to believe, for me, that POWERGEN International in New Orleans is already more than a month in the past. And this means, of course, that we’re already a month into the planning for POWERGEN 2020 this December 8-10 in Orlando, Florida. I’ve now done two POWERGENS and working up to my fifth DISTRIBUTECH International. It ain’t no lie to say that time flies.

The pace of disruption ever accelerates in the power generation world, too, and our show tries to keep up. POWERGEN may only happen over three days in the late autumn, but it requires 11 months of collaborative content planning to do it right.

Our call for abstracts is going out to the public early next week. This virtual power generation casting call helps us to create innovative, informative sessions that offer not only educational opportunities for engineers and technicians, but also intriguing possibilities of what could be the norm in our industry just a few years from now.

The call for abstracts will seek content on a vast array of power generation topics. These include gas-fired technologies and as well as the thermal contributions from coal, nuclear and potential new options such as hydrogen.

It includes energy storage breakthroughs. What will make them utility-scale, will help integrate renewables and be safe at the same time? How do batteries, pumped storage and other storage options work in tandem with other resources?

For POWERGEN International is about showing off the whole picture. It’s not a specialty show preaching to the choir. It’s not singularly focused on a particular power resource. It doesn’t live in a power vacuum.

Instead, POWERGEN seeks to bring all players together, from renewable project developers to emerging technology evangelists and integrators, from microgrid adoptees to massive power plant professionals. From gas to wind to solar to nuclear to coal to energy storage and… well, whatever comes next. It’s a mosaic or maybe even a puzzle which, done right, all fits together. It is a marketplace of power generation ideas.

This is difficult, shifting terrain to stay on top of, but we try. The call for abstracts is coming soon and we want all of you to get involved. Utility professionals, independent power producers, OEMs, clean energy and storage visionaries, decentralized energy planners. Each one alone only makes up part of the electricity mix, but together you are 100 percent. And we value it all.

Send us your abstracts once the call becomes open, if you would. We will give special consideration to papers and panels which feature utility and independent power producer end users.

And feel free to contact me at [email protected]. Today’s best ideas can become December’s sessions in Orlando. POWERGEN needs you. Hope you can answer the call.