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Emissions control firm acquires tech for mercury reduction and dry flue gas desulferization

A company focused on environmental aspects within power plants has acquired the rights to a relatively new technology for flue gas desulfurization, mercury reduction and scrubber elements.

Environmental Energy Services Inc. (EES) announced it has acquired the exclusive intellectual property rights and associated assets for Amended-Silicate Technology from Novinda Holdings Inc. The acquisition expands EES’ current line of mercury mitigation products for wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) to include plants with dry FGD and circulating dry scrubber technologies.

“EES is currently discussing projects with several energy facilities interested in safer, environmentally friendly, corrosion-free solutions to mercury control, acid gases, organics and other pollutants from the combustion processes,” Mark Keffer, executive vice president of EES, said in a statement. “The newly acquired Amended Silicates technology not only delivers a high level of mercury emissions capture but also preserves the beneficial use of fly ash, demonstrating exceptional SO3 tolerance besides being less corrosive on the balance of plant equipment.”

These technologies are used for limiting sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions from fossil power plants. A sizable number of utilities have added control technologies, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency earlier this reported that annual power plant SO2 emissions have fallen 92 percent since 1990.

Novinda’s websites explains Amended Silicates as a mineral-based product that removes mercury from stack emissions via chemical reaction instead of absorption mechanisms.

EES produces treatment technologies and emissions controls for coal-fired power producers. In the past two years, it has acquired Step Combustion, Delta Measurement & Combustion Controls LLC and Combustion Technologies Corp.

EES is headquartered in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.