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Koonce retiring as CEO of Dominion power generation group

Paul Koonce, the head of Dominion Energy’s power generation group, will retire early next year, the Virginia-based utility company announced.

Koonce has worked 38 years in the energy industry, the past 20 of those with Dominion Energy. He will step down as CEO of the power generation unit on December 1 and then retire two months later.

During those remaining two months, Koonce will serve as executive vice president and strategic advisor, reporting to Dominion CEO Thomas Farrell.

“We have turned to Paul for trusted leadership in a variety of areas since he joined the company two decades ago,” Farrell said. “Although he had always skillfully navigated the natural gas world, particularly in his stint at Consolidated Natural Gas and in his time leading our gas businesses, Paul has been equally adept on the electric side, overseeing safe, reliable and cost-effective electric operations throughout the past 10 years. Paul has been a tremendous asset to Dominion Energy, and he will be missed by all.”

Koonce joined the company in 1999. In 2004, he became CEO of the Dominion Energy operating unit (now the Gas Infrastructure Group). He rotated to lead the Dominion Virginia Power operating unit (electric transmission and distribution, now known as the Power Delivery Group) in 2009 and joined the Power Generation Group as its head in 2016.

Koonce’s leadership in the energy sector includes the Nuclear Energy Institute, where he is vice chair and a member of the executive committee; and the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America and the Southern Gas Association, both of which he is a past cha