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Moon Landing Flashback: Siemens tech gives Apollo 11 clear view on board

(Bright, but miserly with electricity – The glass panels at an Erlangen laboratory are coated with the special phosphors that were used for Apollo 11, 1969. Photo from Siemens)

As the 50th anniversary of lunar landing dawns, Siemens shares a look back at the historic event and its part in it.

Both the “Columbia” command module and the “Eagle” lunar module had special lighting that kept the displays of the on-board computer bright, and enabled the astronauts to read data easily even in diffuse lighting conditions. The electroluminescent lamps developed by Siemens illuminated displays and instrument panels with magical green light, while consuming almost no electricity.

The company was also involved in the satellite technology, rocket propulsion and, of course, power generation—all key elements in sending three men to the moon…and just as importantly…back to earth.

This article on the Siemens website details some history of its work that helped propel man and technology deep into space. Click here to read more.