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APR sending mobile gas turbines to Mexicali for peaking power

APR Energy will provide 79 MW in gas-fired peaking power for a Mexicali, Baja California, generation plant.

Jacksonville, Fla.-based APR signed a contract with Saavi Energía, a private power producer based in Mexico City. The project is meant to help address power supply issues which may occur in the Mexicali area when connected plants are brought offline for maintenance services.

The increased potential for shortages has also been affected by recent reductions in energy imports from California. To proactively minimize this risk, APR Energy was selected by Saavi Energía to fast-track the installation and commissioning of three mobile gas turbines, which will supplement the Mexicali grid by producing power as needed during high-demand times.

“Weather forecasts are predicting higher-than-normal temperatures for the summer, which means energy demand will be high to keep homes and businesses cool, and industry operating,” said Charles Ferry, CEO, APR Energy. “These hot temperatures are just around the corner, so it is critical that the local grid has a solution in place to ensure a stable power supply. Our team is renowned for our speed and efficiency in transporting, installing and operating our turbines, this time to support a great team at Saavi Energía and deliver Mexicali the supplemental power it needs this summer.”

 The project requires equipment that APR Energy had readily available for shipping to Mexicali, including a 230kV transformer that will ensure the mobile gas turbines will properly integrate with the local grid.

 “Saavi has a great commitment to the state of Baja California and supporting the reliability of the electrical system has become a priority for us, so a strategic alliance with APR Energy will be highly beneficial for the community due to the high demand of energy throughout the State,” said Marco Fuentes, COO, Saavi Energía. “We believe in this synergy and the great value that can be generated in conjunction with a solid company like APR.”

APR has supplied fast-track, quick-start power to numerous projects around the world. In December, the company installed and commissioned a 120-MW power plant for AES Dominicana in the Dominican Republic, which included GE TM2500 mobile gas turbines.

In September 2018, it commissioned a 300-MW power project in Bangladesh. APR also has completed work at power plants in Puerto Rico, Australia, Senegal and Guatemala, among others.