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Blog: Thursday marks 40th year since Three Mile Island accident

The worst accident nuclear power accident in the history of the United States happened on March 28, 1979.

As dangerous as the Three Mile Island mishap was and could have been, the damage at TMI Unit 2 was contained and no one was hurt. The damage to the image of nuclear power in the U.S., however, was devastating. 

A blog by Matt Wald, senior communications advisor with the Nuclear Energy Institute, surveys the post-TMI nuclear landscape and finds an industry, that continues to be safe, energy efficient and carbon-free. 

“Through equipment upgrades, many plants have been able to raise the amount of power they produce. These improvements, along with other efficiencies, have helped plants spend more time generating electricity,” Wald wrote. “The average capacity factor for all nuclear plants in 2018 was 92.3 percent, which means that the plants were almost always up and making electricity. In contrast, in the 1970s, reactors on average operated less than 60 percent of the hours in a year.”

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