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TVA seeks Public Input on Environmental Investigation for coal ash spill site

TVA's Kingston Coal Plant


The Tennessee Valley Authority is asking for public comment on a proposed environmental investigation plan for coal ash from one of its generation plants which was the site of an environmental disaster 10 years ago.

The TVA is developing an EIP for its Kingston Fossil Plant near Harriman, Tenn. The state’s Department of Environment and Conservation has pushed TVA to follow Obama-era rules on coal combustion residuals after 1.1 billion gallons of slurry spilled at the Kingston plant in 2008.

Called the largest coal ash spill in history when it happened, the wet cell collapse  released close to 5.4 million cubic yards of coal ash sludge into the surrounding area, damaging properties and a road and killing fish in the Emory River. The cleanup price tag was put at close to $1 billion or more.

The 1,400-MW Kingston plant has been operational since 1955. It generates close to 10 billion kWh of electricity per year, power for about 700,000 homes, and burns close to 14,000 tons of coal annually, according to reports.

The Kingston Fossil Plant EIP provides details on how TVA plans to investigate and assess the risks to soil, surface water and groundwater from CCR stored at Kingston. The public comment period runs through September 28. Go to this TVA link for more information.