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Parand Combined-Cycle Turbine Connecting to Iranian Grid this week

TEHRAN—The second steam unit of MAPNA Group’s Parand combined-cycle power plant will be synchronized to the Iranian national grid this week, a key company official said.

MAPNA Group President Abbas Aliabadi also estimated that the third steam unit of the power plant will be synchronized to the national grid by the end of the current Persian year ending on March 20, 2019, according to a company release.

The first steam unit of Parand, located 30 kilometers (18 miles) southwest of Tehran, was connected to the grid in November 2017.
MAPNA is currently carrying out conversion projects in Parand, Ferdowsi, and Assaluyeh power plants with an aggregate capacity of 1,440 MW and an overall value of 1.2 billion euros ($1.4B U.S.).
The conversions will eventually boost efficiency by a significant percent and reduce fuel consumption in power plants.
It is estimated that conversion of Parand power plant will save 1.1 billion cubic meters of gas per year.
In addition to fuel efficiency, Parand Combined Cycle Power Plant boasts water efficiency as it relies on air-cooled condensers instead of water-based cooling solutions and supplies its water needs via the sewage treatment plant in Parand district.
Upon completion of the steam section, the power plant will include three 160-MW steam units, six heat recovery steam generators, ACC cooling system, a 400-kv substation and a 3.5-KM power transmission line.
The total efficiency of the plant will also eventually increase from the current 30 percent to approximately 50 percent.

The 942-MW Parand Power Plant is comprised of six gas turbine units from Ansaldo Energia of Italy. Construction operations of the power plant started in 2004.

Meanwhile, the average efficiency of Iran’s array of power plants stands at 37 percent, but Aliabadi said that needs to improve. He expressed hope that synchronization of the new steam unit in Parand plant helps tackle part of the power shortage problem the country has been grappling with in the recent weeks, according to a company release.
Power plants in Urmia, Ardabil, Chabhar, West Karun, and Roudshour are also in line for conversion. Aliabadi stated that 160 gas-fueled units with a total capacity of 8,000 megawatts can be converted into combined cycle power plants if financial resources were provided.
MAPNA is currently working on construction of a 3,000-MW combined cycle power plant in Rumaila, near Basra, southern Iraq.