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Former Employees: Tesla Firing Large Numbers of SolarCity Workers

By Editors of Power Engineering

At least six current and newly-former employees are reporting Tesla is conducting mass firings of SolarCity workers, CNBC reported.

Though Tesla had already announced plans to lay off 205 SolarCity employees at Roseville, California, the terminations have been reported in Nevada, Arizona, Utah and other areas.

Additionally, though Tesla said the Roseville office would remain open, former employees said the Roseville office is being completely shut down.

Though an exact number of workers affected can not be determined, the former employees claim 1,200 people have been dismissed at Tesla as a whole, including SolarCity. That number is on top of previously-announced layoffs.

Tesla responded to the report that the firings were due to annual performance reviews, and that affected employees received separation agreements that cited “failure to meet performance expectations” as the reason for their terminations.

However, all the former SolarCity employees interviewed by CNBC said performance reviews had not been conducted since Tesla purchased SolarCity last November. Two employees said they asked for copies of their performance reviews but never received them.