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NRG Energy Pulls Controversial California Gas Project

By Editors of Power Engineering

Weeks after receiving opposition from the California Energy Commission, NRG Energy has pulled plans to build a 262-MW gas plant in Oxnard.

The company has asked the California Energy Commission to end all hearings related to the proposal while the company determines if it will completely withdraw the application, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Commissioners Janea Scott and Karen Douglas had issued a recommendation that the body reject the Puente power project after receiving hundreds of messages opposing the development.

“We hereby notify the parties and interested members of the public that we intend to issue a [decision] that recommends denial of the project on the grounds that it creates inconsistencies with LORS [laws, ordinances, regulations or standards] and significant environmental impacts that cannot be mitigated,” Scott and Douglas said.

A study by the California Independent System Operator indicated alternatives to the gas plant would be workable but more expensive. The LA Times had asserted the state had overbuilt its electricity system with natural gas plants.