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North Carolina Governor Signs Solar Bill, Bypasses Wind Moratorium

By Editor of Power Engineering

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed a bill designed to boost solar that was amended to halt wind development.

The governor’s office announced it issued an executive order to directing state officials to continue planning for wind development. Republican state senator Harry Brown added an 18-month moratorium on wind development in order to study the impact of wind facilities on military installations.

“A strong renewable energy industry is good for our environment and our economy,” Cooper said in a prepared statement. “This bill is critical for the future of significant increases in our already booming solar industry. I strongly oppose the ugly, last-minute, politically motivated wind moratorium. However, this fragile and hard fought solar deal will be lost if I veto this legislation and that veto is sustained.”

The bill’s original goal was to make solar development more competitive and less expensive via the establishment of a competitive bidding process and a solar leasing program.

Spanish energy developer Avangrid Renewables is pursuing offshore wind development off the coast of the state.