Maximizing Efficiency through Reduced Pump Corrosion and Erosion

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Maximizing efficiency through reduced corrosion and erosion


Improving productivity with reduced running costs

Many industrial pumps operate in harsh environmental conditions, with corrosion and erosion a constant challenge to reliability and productivity. Significant improvements can be made to maintenance strategies with the selective application of protective coatings. Minimizing the effects of erosion and corrosion can enhance productivity and reduce operating costs.

Expert analysis of a pumping system provides:

  • Optimum base material for pump construction
  • Anticipated service life of the pump
  • The most appropriate protective coating
  • Expected operating parameters
  • Improved efficiency

Establishing the most appropriate materials for pump manufacture is crucial if the equipment is expected to deliver an extended service life. These need to be matched with carefully specified coatings that are correctly applied. The quality of a protective coating is reliant on the spraying parameters, which are developed over many years.

Expertise and experience make up the vital ingredients for a long-lasting, protective coating. Sulzer has developed proprietary procedures and techniques that have been developed over many years. Coupled with its global network of repair and maintenance service centers, Sulzer can deliver a cost effective pumping solution that will withstand the challenges of erosion and corrosion.

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