Maintaining the Performance of Older Pumps

Sulzer Pump Service Reliability Tips

Maintaining the performance of older pumps

Improving efficiency and reliability

Older pumping equipment is often more difficult to maintain due to a lack of full specification data or changes in the pumping task. This presents a considerable challenge when attempting to match the duty point of the pump with the most efficient point on the system curve.

Expert analysis of the pumping system provides:

  • Identification of pump duty points
  • Values for minimum operating flow
  • A list of all the limiting design conditions
  • Assessment of pump components
  • Recommendations for improvements

Establishing the current operating conditions of a legacy pump is the first step in a process of fine tuning it to its present application. Addressing any issues with pipework and other pumps operating in parallel will also make significant improvements in performance.

As one of the largest pump manufacturers and providers of global repair and maintenance services, Sulzer has developed considerable expertise as well as an extensive database of historical pump information that can be used to improve the performance and reliability of existing pump assets.

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