Improving Gas Turbine Efficiency and Reliability by Preventative Maintenance Techniques – Flow Testing

Improving efficiency and reliability

All gas turbine operators aim to achieve optimum reliability for their equipment. Using preventative maintenance techniques and planned interventions, it is possible to extend the service life of components and optimize performance. One of the most important techniques is component flow testing, which can be used to gather important data on vital areas of the turbine.

Precision flow testing delivers:

  • Expected lifespan of components
  • Flow rates within hot gas path components
  • Evaluation of transition pieces
  • Optimization of first stage nozzle vane segments
  • Identification of wear or blockage in fuel and water circuits

Analysis of flow data can allow potential issues to be identified and resolved at the earliest opportunity, minimizing any loss in performance. The aim is to remove any anomalies from a system, minimizing variation, temperature spread and vibration. In this way, component wear and maintenance costs are also reduced, providing a more efficient machine that is able to meet emissions regulations and performance targets.

As one of the largest global repair and maintenance providers for gas turbine and other large rotating equipment, Sulzer has developed considerable expertise and an extensive database of historical information that can be used to compare and diagnose existing turbine issues. This knowledge, coupled with extensive repair facilities, can deliver improved performance and reliability for any gas turbine.


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