Extending Turbine Service Life with Protective Coatings

Extending turbine service life

Long-term reliability is a common goal for all plant operators. Achieving it requires a considered approach that takes into account a range of contributing factors and makes use of the most appropriate technology. Rotating equipment that is in direct contact with the process media and under constant attack presents a major challenge; it is possible however to reduce degradation to a minimum by selecting the correct coating system.

  • Metallic coatings systems deliver:
  • Improved corrosion protection
  • Reduced corrosion and longer runtime between overhauls
  • Minimized fouling of components
  • Increased heat protection
  • Promoted efficiency

By examining the operating environment it is possible to determine the best coating system that can be used to lengthen the time between scheduled maintenance and reduce the occurrence of unscheduled maintenance events. Modern coating technology can be applied to legacy equipment that was not designed to take account of corrosive air streams. Sulzer continues to develop new coatings and application techniques to keep pace with the advances in the turbomachinery sector.



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