Dealing with the Unexpected for Forced Nuclear Power Plant Shutdown

Dealing with the Unexpected – CASE STUDY

In the case of a forced shutdown of a nuclear power plant, keeping the nuclear reactor fuel cool is paramount. A change in regulations made it inevitable to add Protected Service Water (PSW) and Protected Service Water Booster (PSWB) pumps as an alternate and independent source of cooling water.


The challenge
The Protected Service Water (PSW) and Protected Service Water Booster (PSWB) pumps are used to provide ultimate heat sink connectivity with the nuclear reactor steam generators during decay heat conditions. The pumps and their respective drive motors must be designed to withstand harsh environment conditions.


The solution
Sulzer employed the robust design features of both the MSD model pump for the PSW service and the CAP model for the PSWB pump services.

Both pumps had to be proven capable to function by full scale testing at the design duty point for 5 hours duration on the test stand.

The test ambient temperature was held to 150°F +2/ -0°F for the duration of the test. The plant believed this was a valid upper bounding temperature and would produce the greatest challenge to the pump and motor bearings.

Approval of the proof performance tests and attendant testing parameters were accepted by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission which was necessary in order to grant the utility the design margin credit sought.


Customer benefit
Sulzer has been enjoying an excellent relationship with this nuclear utility for over 40 years. We have supplied a large number and variety of pumps to their fleet of nuclear power plants and still enjoy the opportunity of supplying them with OEM spare parts.

Sulzer’s ability to design and produce reliable pumps which are conformance to technical requirements for the protected service water system is well-known to this utility.

A robust MSD pump for PSW service after passing rigorous quality requirements ready to be shipped


The Sulzer difference
Sulzer’s experience in the nuclear industry makes it a reliable partner in supplying quality products that meet customer’s requirements since 1960.

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