Breathe New Life into Aging Pumps

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Rejuvenate older pumps with reverse engineering

Breathe new life into aging pump assets

When the performance of an older pump begins to deteriorate, it may be a sign that the impeller is worn or the volute has become corroded, and by the time this happens, finding new parts can be a considerable challenge. Fortunately, modern design techniques and manufacturing processes can create a vast range of components using reverse engineering.

Working with reverse engineering experts offers:

  • The opportunity to maintain legacy equipment
  • The ability to implement design improvements
  • Cost effective maintenance
  • Reduced downtime
  • The option to improve material specifications

Using modern engineering techniques and materials it is possible to deliver precision-crafted and cost effective replacement parts, usually in a much shorter time frame than the OEM. Furthermore, advances in design and simulation technology enable significant improvements in performance and durability to be included, reducing the long term cost of ownership.

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