Dominion Temporarily Revives Yorktown Coal Plant

By Editors of Power Engineering

An emergency order by the Department of Energy has revived two coal-fired units at Dominion Energy’s Yorktown plant in Virginia, the Daily Press reported.

U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry ordered the units operational to maintain power during “critical situations” through Sept. 14.

Dominion and PJM Interconnection both said the move was temporary, though PJM has the option to request the renewal of the order.

Dominion was legally prohibited from running the plants in April due to federal regulations limiting emissions, though the company received special permission to keep the units on standby in case of emergency and the units were maintained.

PJM spokesman Ray Dotter said the plants would only be used on “a very limited basis… and only when things are critical.”

Perry has initiated a study of the U.S. electrical grid with an emphasis on coal and nuclear plant closures and whether they’re being driven out by environmental policies.